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Global Educational Discovery - GEdDiscovery

What is GEdDiscovery?

  • NOT a contest
  • NOT a one-time initiative
  • NOT a conference

IT IS an education strategic development program


postgraduate education, modern teacher training meeting the time requirements

The problems we work on
  • The existing educational systems are at the end of their resources. They were developed for the general school and general education for illiteracy elimination in the shortest possible time. The main features of the system are the lack of individualization and personal characteristics disregard.
  • The basic contradiction of modern education system lies in the fact that the children of the 21st century are taught by the teachers of the 20th century according to the technologies of the 19th century (from the speech by L. Hrynevych);
  • Today the main attention is locked on the changes in the educational technologies. Their number is growing rapidly. Despite the great variety of new educational technologies their common features are the emphasis on personality development, the children’s natural talents revealing and shift from strict assessment and leveling to the performance appraisal.
  • The content of education is changing: there is a shift from the facts learning and data memorizing to competency-based approach in education, a shift to the key life skills learning. Therefore the education content and subjects studied structure is changing.

  • And all these global changes become a disabling burden for the teachers who have received the traditional teacher education and are trained to teach the children in a general school according to the traditional class-and-lesson system, according to the system of views on teaching methods not understanding the fundamental differences of subject-subject teaching, tutoring method and its dissimilarity from overlearning, not understanding the gist of competence-based approach and not knowing or not sharing the idea of changing the subject structure according to the key competencies.
  • So the huge issue of the educational reform is the lack of teachers able to work considering the modified society, the thinking of nowadays children, the teachers with a new set of competencies of the teacher of the 21st
  • The process of reformation of the system and structure of future teachers training began much later then the attempts and initiatives to reform the educational system and educational technology. Even though now some Western universities have changed the future teachers training program we have a huge amount of the already employed teachers with the old set of knowledge and values who do not have the necessary competencies for teaching and communication with the children of the 21st century.
  • A huge issue in the teachers’ environment is the lack of personal growth motivation, passivity, the traditional pressure of the administrative and managerial staff on the teachers’ freedom of choice and the reluctance of the teachers to take advantage of this freedom, to defend it. The teacher’s work is so overregulated that the teacher themself is constantly under stress and irritated, and it affects the entire teaching process negatively. Only a free, active, positive teacher can unite the children and parents, gain the respect of the society and the state.


GedDiscovery is a long-term project aimed at active cooperation with the concerned layers of society, aware that education is a powerful tool for change. High-quality education can change the world at all levels – from the school district to the state as a whole. The project program will be embodied in a series of successive, interrelated and interdeveloping events (mini-projects). Each project will have its own time frame, but the results of each project will become the basis for the future ones.

For a teacher GEdDiscovery is:

– a window to the world of new educational technologies
– a way to knowledge and skills
– opportunities for professional and personal growth
– the self-conquest triumph
– an eureka of a new social circle

Whom do we see as the program partners?
Those who understand the importance of education at all the levels from global society to every single child, civil organizations and unions, associations of the concerned parents, interested business circles and socially-minded community.